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We help small and medium-sized businesses increase traffic, sales and profits with online marketing.

In short, we help you make money online.

Search Engine Optimisation

Crouch End, North London

The best free source of traffic online is organic search listings in Google or Bing. Let’s be honest it’s where most people go (online) when looking for something they need.

Our search engine marketing experts optimise your site so potential customers can find your products or services even if they have never heard of your business. Then we look at how you can surpass your competitors in Google so visitors see your website first.

With 20 years of experience online, we retain clients because we get results that improve their sales & profits.

Internet Marketing

& Lead Generation

Because your business goals are unique, you will need a marketing plan that fits your needs. That’s why we don’t offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Instead, we offer a wide range of online marketing services, enabling you to select the ones that are right for you. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of our team in crafting a solution which best suits your needs and goals.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Digital marketing & SEO is always evolving so we might not have listed your specific service of interest here but could still offer it.

Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO Any Website

Getting traffic to a website is only the first stage of any sales funnel, the second is converting that traffic into sales.

Experience has taught us that it’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.
For this reason, our digital team test all the pages of your sales funnel to see where traffic “leaks” can be stopped to improve the sales conversion rate.

Essentially we help your business to make more money from your website’s existing audience.


Why Mac Productions SEO?

A Different Approach to Grow Your Business Online

Everyone says they’re different, but it’s how we differ and what it means to you that matters.


We only work on SEO with one business (globally) per profession or niche.

Our goal is to help you beat the competition. This means that when you choose to work with our agency, we will not work with your competition, no matter how much money they offer us.

This enables us to dedicate our maximum resources to your campaign and not have any conflict of interest.

No Long-Term Contracts.

We do not lock our clients into long-term contracts. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. If you are no longer happy with our services, you can cancel at any time and go your own way.

We choose to create a better way that benefits all and we believe our results will help to convince you of the benefits of staying.

Hire for your goals and pay for your results!

Personal Attention

We only ever work on SEO with 8 clients at any one time so that we can give those businesses our undivided attention.

You will always have the personal contact details such as the email and phone number of one of our team members.

You will not be transferred to a messenger or be put on a waiting list. When you have questions, we answer them, immediately.

Affordable Pricing

We are paid because our Search Engine Optimisation work produces results that last.

We have no fancy offices, pretty reports or espresso machines. Instead, you get more value & better results for less money.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and expectations with you and to offer you positive and constructive advice, without obligation or fee.

Advanced SEO Services to make 2024 the most profitable year ever.

The stuff nobody is talking about or sharing publicly. 


1. Search Signals Traffic Boost

Get More Traffic, Leads & Sales from Your Website

While Google appreciates well-executed on-page and off-page SEO, it sought a measure immune to manipulation by marketing strategists. A crucial component of Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) ranking is shaped by User-Generated Signals, primarily because these signals are organically generated by users. Google possesses extensive data on these interactions.

Our service funnels genuine user traffic towards your business website. The necessity of directing real traffic to your site becomes evident when you consider the discrepancy created by a sudden influx of backlinks without a proportional increase in traffic. This imbalance signals Google that something is awry, creating a ‘footprint’ best avoided for optimal site performance.

Historically, manipulation of user activity has proven challenging, with even orchestrated efforts using micro workers from identical IP addresses falling short.

For over two years, we’ve collaborated with a global network to enhance search signals for our clients, maintaining this service even during lockdown. Our automated system enables you to efficiently rank websites for local keywords. This is a thoroughly secure, done-for-you system.

Our clients consistently experience improved keyword rankings relevant to their businesses on Google. Now, you too can reap the benefits.

We provide increased search traffic from leading platforms like Google, Bing, and YouTube and as of 2024, we are also offering this for Google Business Profile traffic to boost 3-Pack Ranking.

****Nobody is offering this in North London at the moment*****

2. Core Web Vitals Optimisation

Optimise Page Load Speed

We optimise WordPress websites for speed. Google’s “Core Web Vitals” update(June 2022) is all about mobile phone user experience and the most important vital is page load speed.

One part that will slow the site down the most is the theme. Avada, which is considered fairly light, is still bloated with code. This code slows down the page load time, even when much of the code is not used.

We have a server that is super fast where our IT team spent hours and hours making Avada websites very fast, yet the sites only hit the 50-ish mark. It’s “good enough” to beat the competition. For that read more here.

If you want to take it to the next level, look at WPOptimal. It bypasses the whole WP theme. That’s what we use for the new websites we build.

You can have a website that few can rival, one that outranks your competitors. This is exactly what Google wants  – your site optimised for the “Core Web Vitals”.

*** Caveat*** This is for WordPress only and not for e-commerce websites*****

3. Get Google News Backlinks

Links Trusted by Google

Getting links from Google News sites is the most talked-about SEO tactic in 2022. A  website is authoritative and reliable if it ranks in the Google news feed. That’s because it has gone through Google’s stringent “News Site” approval process.

Thus, acquiring a backlink to your site from one of the approved Google News sites can have a substantial and positive impact on your search ranking results. Google News site backlinks are among the most innovative ways to get you on top of search results and can be used to boost not only your website but your Google My Business listing or YouTube videos.

“A link from News Website is ten times better than a normal site link.”

Post your articles to the largest news network on the web. Over 180 news sites in over 240 categories – and growing! Links are indexed in under 30 minutes and last forever.


See how our clients rated us on Google, don’t just take our word for it!

You guys are one of the best local SEO companies in London. In the first year, you increased my sales (from my website) by over 30% and as a result, I have taken on new staff. You have continued to generate new leads in the last 5 years and most of these are for recurring sales.
Huimin Qian MD
CMO The Chinese Medicine Centre

John’s knowledge and expertise in organic SEO is as good as it gets. He has helped my business and my bottom line. My return on investment was better than I had anticipated. I highly recommend John to anyone who is looking for an honest and hard-working SEO professional.
Jim Rafferty
CEO Market Shapers

People are the only reason we’re here, let’s not complicate things. 

At Mac Productions, we show you clear-cut proven ways to make money with your website. Not only that…

We are going to make it simple EVEN IF you are new to this.

Join us and let’s get the results you want.

Together – That’s our goal here.

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