3 Innovative Uses of Social Media

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I am always delighted to see companies using social media in creative ways and look forward to the days when a company like LinkedIn figures out a way to become more fun. Maybe their IPO will encourage such a transition.

In the meantime I wanted to outline some other cool ways that some companies have been using social media to market their brands.

Burberry – Art of the Trench

Having worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years my personal favourite of these is of course

Burberry’s “Art of the Trench”. The sheer scale of this project is amazing and if you take the time to play around you’ll see what I mean. Not only are there hundreds of pictures of people in trench coats, many user-submitted, but when you click on an individual picture more interactive options become available. Change the sound track, vote for your favourite picture…

Intel – Museum of Me

Museum-of-me Intel Social Media

OK so I hear you saying what about possibly the best known recent example and one tipped to win many awards – Intel’s “Museum of Me” – Ok you have to connect to this using your Facebook account but believe me the extra effort is well worth it. I won’t say any more except he hint is in the title.

Metropolitan Police – Choose a Different Ending

Metropolitan police Social Media

The one that took me by surprise was the the interactive story “Choose a Different Ending” by the Metropolitan Police on YouTube. This is part of a campaign to highlight the dangers of carrying a knife. Aimed mainly at young people this is not only the perfect platform to use but also shows how social media can be used for social messages. Here as the story progresses viewers are given choices, each one leads to a new story and presumably a different ending (I did not try all 64 options).



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  • seo social media
    seo social media

    Very interesting video about the knife. I think the lesson we can learn from these companies is that we have to be very creative and stand out of the competiton. It’s not easy but very effective.

    • John MacDonald
      John MacDonald

      Well it certainly helps to be creative, but in reality I think any content of value will easily achieve similar results. Obviously in these videos a large budget helps as well.

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