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Team-Building |10 Ways to Build the Best Team

27 January
Team-Building- Build the best team

Before you can truly start to grow, you’ll need to build your team. You should build your team as soon as you can afford to. If you never hire anybody, you’ll end up  doing all the work yourself. However if you’re doing all the work yourself, you are in effect just building a job for yourself rather than building a business […]

Pinterest – 9 Tips – How to Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

19 November

Pinterest For Businesses Many people have discounted Pinterest for far too long as just a fun site for pinning pictures, however during the last few years many savvy brands have been using Pinterest very successfully as “virtual storefronts”. Here is what Wikipedia have written about these “Business pages” Pinterest Business pages Pinterest also allows businesses […]

How Much is the McDonalds Brand Really Worth?

30 October

In most areas of marketing lessons can be learnt from McDonalds and especially it’s branding. Undoubtedly the worlds largest and most valuable fast food brand, with revenues of over £28 billion in 2013. But what don’t you know about the brand with the big yellow arches?   Here’s are a few from an excellent page at buzzfeed McDonald’s originally […]

Search Engine Ranking Factors

09 October
SEM - Search engine marketing

2013 SEO Ranking Factor Results Moz’s 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors presents survey data from over 100 search engine professionals and provides insight into the inner workings of the future of search. The following data represents the opinions of the respondents on the various weighting of factors thought to be used (or not used) in […]

WordPress Hack Attack & How to Protect Your Site

16 April

Hackers Attacking WordPress Blogs One might be forgiven for assuming this is a belated April Fools joke but in reality for those who’s websites were hacked it is far from funny.  The world’s IT press are publishing the news that there is a massive attack of botnets happening against WordPress sites right now. The BBC, Zdnet […]

Jimmy Saville New Survey

10 October
Jimmy Saville seatbelt handcuffs survey

Jimmy Saville – Clunk Click Survey Those of a certain age will remember the somewhat eccentric TV celebrity Jimmy (now Sir Jimmy) Saville fronting an advertising campaign with the refrain: ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’. An advertising campaign in the UK trying to persuade people to put their seatbelts on when they got into their cars. […]