Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media

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Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media

social mediaAlthough many businesses are implementing social media strategies I have noticed that often it is companies in the b2b sector that seem to resist this area of online activity. Citing in their defense for doing so a plethora of reasons that for some reason have gained acceptance in some business circles.

I have found that the root cause is usually a lack of experience and understanding of social media and the benefits it can offer a business.

This is of course understandable as with so little time available to all of us, business owners and managers especially, it is often difficult to spare any time to gain a fuller understanding of yet another skill, especially one so diverse and seemingly incomprehensible.

There is also no doubt that new social media platforms are being created almost daily and established platforms are being “updated” so that it makes it harder to just current with all the innovations online.

For us who are faced with the task of convincing businesses and business owners that their companies will be able to benefit from a well considered social media strategy, it is often overcoming these myths that is the hardest task.

I found this great slideshow by Jay Baer and have embedded a copy here so as to provide some answers to the 7 great social media myths that are the most prevalent today. I hope you enjoy this.



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