First Online Reputation Management

A business’s online reputation is everything. Online Reputation Management is however not ONLY about defense which actually is usually the last resort, once a reputation is called into question by another person.

You don’t enter a restaurant expecting to have bad service, purchase a product anticipating that it will break, invest in a company expecting no return, or take a job anticipating a terrible experience. You expect to have your expectations met.

Reputation is an expectation of future behaviour based on past experiences, which means first impressions and your stakeholder’s experiences with your brand are critical to developing a positive reputation.

…corporate reputation accounts for approximately 60% of a company’s market value and the CEO’s reputation accounts for approximately 50% of the company’s overall reputation.

The Company Behind the Brand: In Reputation We Trust, Weber Shandwick

Next Reputation Marketing!

Reputation marketing is a combination of reputation management and brand marketing. Here is where you take the five-star reviews and testimonials gained through your reputation management efforts and promote that positive content through various digital marketing channels.

Reputation marketing focuses on three main activities:

1. Monitoring what customers are saying

2. Acquiring more and better reviews

3. Amplifying the reviews and mentions to generate sales

When done right, reputation management builds a stellar online reputation, and reputation marketing leverages that reputation to promote a business.

Increasingly, brands and business owners recognise the fact that our reputations can bring opportunities to our doors or divert them to our competitors.

In today’s environment, it’s no longer sufficient to think about reputation management as we think about crisis management. We need to think about our reputations as a constant, competitive advantage; a driver of growth and prosperity; and a strategic asset. We need to think about reputation marketing.

There are 4 types of Reputation – Bad, No Reputation, Good and then there is the 5 Star Reputation – I am sure you know which one will get the most sales!

What makes a great reputation?

Great reputations are built through consistently meeting stakeholder expectations, dedication to your mission, and the element of surprise.

Building a 5-star rating and then leveraging that online will greatly help convert traffic to your site and so into sales.

Your Online Presence
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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Charting your reputation

Most organisations and individuals are likely somewhere in the middle or lagging with some high moments, but rarely across all stakeholders.

Reputation management is needed when you fail to meet your stakeholder’s expectations. Reputation management comes with a significant cost and loss to organisations and individuals.

The first step is always to find out just what your online reputation score is and if there are any “bad” reviews. We also recommend setting up a reputation monitoring system to track when any mentions are made of your business, staff or products online. This because bad reviews should be tackled as soon as possible after the event to minimise any damaging fallout, whilst good reviews can be leveraged in a number of ways to the benefit of your company.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Many individuals and organisations require online reputation management specifically in organic search results like Google, on social media sites, on review sites like Yelp, and beyond after a negative story has surfaced in these locations. Companies and individual consultants exist who can help “clean up” your digital presence by displacing negative results and promoting positive mentions.
Mac Productions provides Online Reputation Management and Marketing services as well as monitoring plans for online and offline businesses.

Ethical Reputation Management

We will not engage in attempts to hide behaviour we believe to be illegal or unethical. We reserve the right to refuse any reputation management work we feel crosses the line from telling your own side of the story to covering up such behaviour. Please read Our Code of Ethics for more information.