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How is eCommerce SEO Different?

eCommerce websites have thousands of pages, more than most other websites, so it’s no surprise that traditional SEO and content marketing strategies geared for the masses typically fail to deliver any significant sales. The huge advantage for a specialist eCommerce SEO approach is the sheer number of revenue-driving search terms is completely uncapped. In fact, the bigger the site, the better the sales opportunity. Our eCommerce SEO campaigns regularly double annual revenue from organic search. So if less than 50% of your traffic and revenue is from organic search now, a new eCommerce SEO strategy together with keywords that indicate the “commercial intent” of users searching in Google will lead to an increase of more targeted traffic to your site.

Apart from the need to optimise all product pages differently to other web pages, there are a number of extra SEO measures that are needed if you want to succeed online.

Did you know…

28% of consumers begin product discovery with a search engine.

And 95% of consumers click on organic listings when they search on desktop.

The fact is, SEO has the highest ROI of any eCommerce marketing campaign. Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic: Free and recurring.

SEO for eCommerce is something you need to be thinking about if you truly want to grow your store.

Don’t believe me?

I’ve seen SEO increase an eCommerce site’s traffic by as much as 1780% in a few short months!

If your site isn’t optimized for search, you’re leaving traffic and money on the table.

A well designed SEO campaign will bring traffic to your website 24X7 for months or even years to come. Combine this with the fact that your site will rank for buying keyword search terms and you can probably see the benefits.

It does take time for SEO to work but the results are long lasting, creating a higher ROI in the long run, compared to any other marketing technique.

Why social media for eCommerce?

“4 Reasons You NEED To Get Social”

1) Social Authority Has Overtaken Keyword Optimization And Backlinking As Google’s Leading Ranking Factors…

Backlinks and keyword optimisation are less important than they used to be because SEOs have become TOO GOOD at manipulating them in order to rank higher.

Google wants its Front Page to be filled with sites people Like, Share and Follow… Because it’s their aim to become ‘The Perfect Search Engine’…

And in the words of Google Co-Founder and CEO Larry Page…

The Perfect Search Engine… Understands Exactly What You Mean And Gives You Back Exactly What You Want”

 Sites with a strong social following have PROVEN themselves to be what people want, like and share… Help Google, and Google helps you, with higher rankings and more traffic!

2) Social Proof Is A Major Part Of Modern Day Purchase Decisions…

In an age where information, opinions, judgments and reviews are only a mouse-click (or touchscreen tap) away… Social Proof is paramount to all our buying decisions today.

Above all, people want to know what the ‘Authorities’ think on a subject because they feel like they’re getting THE BEST information…

e.g. Armani for Dinner Jackets…

Steven Spielberg for a Decent Movie To Go See…

Michael Phelps for a Good Pair Of Speedos…

After that they’ll want to know what their friends think because they trust and value their opinions… and also so they won’t get ridiculed for purchasing ‘the wrong thing’…

Once they’ve gathered those opinions… people take a look at what the masses think… Common consensus and popular opinion are powerful influencers.

And once that’s all taken care of… They can finally figure out what they really want to buy.

Just remember this:

With a strong social following… YOU can become the prime influencer in your niche, with authority, and YOUR opinions and recommendations will be followed first…

Even better, you’ll be able to sway the opinions of those ‘friends’ and ‘strangers’ further down the chart too… Because they form their opinions from Authorities too!

 3) You Can Profit From Your Social Following Even Without Search Engine Traffic…

By capitalising on Reason #2 above, you can start earning from Facebook and Twitter alone, even without increasing your Google ranks. Consider this a bit like you would an insurance policy when Google changes its algorithm and your site drops in the search rankings, then only a portion of your traffic will be affected as the social media traffic will be unaffected. 

Your fans and followers will be a constant stream of traffic for you, and if you engage with them the right way, you’ll generate a torrent of traffic to any link you post (your blog, your squeeze page, a product, an affiliate offer… you get the idea!)

 4) If You Don’t – Your Competitors Will Soon Catch On And Leave You In Their Dust…

If you don’t start rolling out your High-Impact Facebook and Twitter Campaigns now… Others Will… And you’ll be left in a much tougher position when you do come around and start building your own campaigns.

You’ll lose out on traffic, and gaining Authority will be that much more difficult for you once your competitors start growing theirs at full steam ahead… Which they will once the news above becomes widespread.

Also, if you’ve got no social presence where your competitor’s do, you’ll soon find it tough to earn any profit at all, you’ll be completely out of the loop and it’ll become virtually impossible to compete in Google.

That’s what happens to any business that doesn’t adapt and evolve with the times.

“3 Reasons People DON’T Go Social…”

1) They Think It’s Too Complicated…

 2) They Think It’s Too Difficult…

 3) They Think It’s Too Time Consuming…

And that’s great news for you…

Because while others are making excuses, YOU have the opportunity to jump in and profit while the market’s still wide open!

People are only just catching on to the idea of how important social presence REALLY is to overall online success… But it won’t be like that forever so NOW is the time for you to take action and capitalise on your Advantage.

I’ll admit, I was a little late to the party because I ignored Social Authority for far too long… but now I’m building mine fast… Because the benefits are enormous.

Oh, and when I say fast… I mean FAST!

But truth be told… Setting up and maintaining the kind of High-Impact, Big-Results Facebook and Twitter campaigns you need, side-by-side, with the ability to reach people all across the globe (in real time for maximum effect) CAN be difficult…

It can also be time-consuming, stressful and takes you away from other important parts of your business… and your life.

That’s IF you don’t have the right setup. 

 “People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want.” Don Crowther (@don_crowther)

Need Help To Build Communities Around Your Business?

Social Media Marketing

Social Advertising and Digital PR for eCommerce breaks all the rules.

Notoriously cast off as being impossible to measure by those who aren’t eCommerce specialists, however, we know Facebook Advertising and Digital PR can deliver triple digit sales growth in a matter of months.

The challenge is continuously extracting conversion insights to blend intelligent audience targeting with influential product reviews and just-in-time promotions, at the right time and place along the multi-channel buying journey.

Our Social media experts start by matching your existing customer email data with registered Facebook users to advertise firstly to them and secondly to more people like them. As your Facebook Advertising sales grow, so does your customer database to create an ongoing, self-fulfilling prophecy of ever-increasing sales.

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