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How To Setup A Magnetic Facebook Fan.


I’m sure you’ve been seeing or hearing about all the social media hype, especially about Facebook and Facebook Fan Pages, and thinking about how your business can jump into the game, right? Well, if you’re a driven entrepreneur, like me, you’re probably hoping to really find out how you can take advantage of this huge social media trend that’s upon us. Before I go any further, I want to know if you’ve been asking yourself any of these questions…

  • How can I (or my company) utilize Facebook as a marketing tool?
  • How do I create a Facebook Fan Page like these other companies I’m seeing online?
  • Will Facebook even help my company create more customers?
  • The Top 3 Mistakes when creating Facebook Pages (make this mistake and it could MURDER your page)…
  • What Is The Most Effective Name For My Facebook Page (and the secret that Facebook hides from you)…
  • The 7 Things You Must Do Right After Creating Your Page (and why making it public is the WORST thing to do right away…)
  • Will it suck all my time after I create a Fan Page?
  • How do I attract loyal fans and turn them into customers?
  • Do fans help my business?

A few Potential (Facebook Fan Page) Problems for the Less Experienced.

  • Not Enough Fans Before Making Their Page Public

They actually hurt their company or brand, rather than helping. I can’t tell you how many Facebook Fan Pages I’ve seen that have less than 100 Fans. These pages shouldn’t even exist because they actually hurt your company’s brand when other people see you barely have a following.

  • Terrible, Boring, Unexciting Facebook Fan Page Images

This is an area that can kill your page. Without knowing how the image can physically turn visitors into fans, your page will suffer and your company will pay the price on Facebook.

  • Static Pages

You might say, “I don’t know what to put on my Facebook Fan Page’s Wall.” But the truth is, you have to say SOMETHING or no one else will. A static page is not exciting for new users and you will lose them as fast as they came in.

Here’s Why You NEED a Facebook Fan Page more than ever.

Take a look at the chart below and you’ll start to see just how powerful Fan Pages are becoming. This shows how much more likely your Facebook fans are to refer your company to their friends, feel warmth and gratitude about your business, and feel happy or satisfied with your services. The overall feeling on Facebook is a positive one and there’s nothing more powerful than bringing your company into this arena and associate those feelings with your products and services.

facebook loyalty chart

Facebook Fans are reported as spending $71.84 more per year with their endorsed brand than non-fans are. That’s huge. Even if you pull in 1/10 of that amount for all your new Fans.


Facebook Fans are showing an average Total Yearly Value of $136.38 per year, when you consider the fact that 68% of Fans publicly endorse and/or recommended their favorite companies on Facebook, resulting in other people joining and buying your products or services. You have to remember that a Facebook Fan Page is so easily shared with friends, and your fans are sharing your page with their friends even when they don’t mean to!

Facebook.com recently did their own study when they calculated that the average Fan is worth $3.60 Annually to most businesses. This is on the safe side compared to most other reports, but even if this report is true, imagine this multiplied by Thousands (new Fans).

Also remember, those fans are yours forever the profit from. And once your page starts growing, it only grows faster from there because of the viral nature of Facebook.

Our Suggested Facebook Fan Page Solutions

Facebook Fan page eBook

Facebook Fan Page Free eBook

This Facebook thing is so fast moving that we can barely keep up. We spend day and night watching for new updates, trends, tricks, and tips and we barely stick with it. Facebook has changed their interface for users, businesses, and advertisers over 10 times in the past year alone. So imagine what’s coming. You can’t be expected to know exactly how to use all of their tools when new ones come out daily. That’s what we’re here for, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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