Our GDPR Compliance Service – Overview

We no longer offer GDPR as an off the shelf service on this website. We do have extensive experience and knowledge of GDPR for both B2C and B2B businesses. However we are happy to advise our clients on how best to transition to GDPR compliance. As well as online and offline (GDPR management) best practices. We also share articles on our blog – see our post “Designing for GDPR

Why No Off-The-Peg GDPR Service?

Sadly we have seen the increase in companies offering off-the-peg solutions for GDPR compliance, to website owners. These solutions are most often poorly considered and leave the website owners with little protection should they be involved in a GDPR dispute.

Why “Sadly”?

  • Looking GDPR compliant and being GDPR compliant is not the same so adjusting your privacy policy and adding a simple “cookie bar” to your website is not sufficient and will not help should your business be investigated. However, these are typically the type of “fixes” being offered for cheap.
  • Simply put you and your business will not become GDPR compliant after a few tweaks have been made to your website. It takes more than that and anyone advising you differently is not doing you any favours.
  • Many business owners are being advised that GDPR rules will only affect the large online companies like Google and Facebook – this is the most worrying myth as any member of the public can submit a complaint to the ICO.org – even your competitors.

Getting Started with GDPR 

GDPR requires some initial setup work & ongoing commitment to the people you serve or have access to your website. That ongoing work can to some extent be automated online. Offline the required documents can be stored as templates to simplify dealing with any Data requests you receive. So before engaging someone to help with your GDPR compliance do some due diligence and  ask a few questions.

Here are just a few of the items you will need to consider:

•Collecting & Managing SARs (Subject Access Requests)
•Managing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
•Clauses for Staff Agreements Form
•Consent to Data Processing Guide
•Data Retention Policy
•Data Processing Agreement
•Data Protection Policy
•Risk, Issues & Breach Log Creation
•GDPR Report
I hope this helps you and that you can now better understand why there are no quick fixes to make your business GDPR compliant.
We are happy to take a look at any WordPress website and give you an honest appraisal of it’s GDPR compliance and advise you on how you may fix any problems.
Alternatively contact the Information Commisioners Office (https://ico.org.uk)

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