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Every Website Needs To Be GDPR Compliant Now!
GDPR Compliant BadgeIf you haven’t been hiding under a rock you’ve already heard about GDPR.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new law passed by EU (European Union) that mandates every website must follow certain (legal) requirements. The fine for violating these requirements is as high as $20 million. The GDPR forms part of the data protection regime in the UK, together with the new Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).

Do you REALLY Need To Be GDPR Compliant?

  • If people from European union can visit and interact with your site, you need to be compliant.
  • If people from EU can sign up as leads on your site, or give you their data in any other way, you need to be compliant.
  • If your site makes use of any cookies or has any 3rd party integrations that use cookies (Facebook pixel, analytics etc.)
  • It doesn’t matter whether you sell anything to EU people or not. If they can access your site, you have to  be compliant.

If you’ve logged in to any big-name website like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Basecamp, Freshdesk lately……Everyone, yes, everyone has updated their Terms of service and have made changes to their website in accordance with the new GDPR compliance requirements.

They’ve covered themselves, but have you?

If the answer is no, you’re running a serious risk.

  • Fine of up to Euro 20 Million or 4% of your global revenue. Whichever is GREATER
  • Not being able to sell to customers from EU or serve them in any other way.
  • Not being able to monetize EU based customers through ads or other means.
  • Severe legal costs and hassles that will stop you from focusing on your business.
  • The worst (or best if you’re an end-user) is that it pins liability on businesses of all sizes. Not just giants like Facebook and Google, but also on really small businesses like me and you too.

There’s no escaping GDPR. Not if you want to stay in business.

Here’s Your Compliance Plan

  • Study reams of documents to understand what’s required and consult a lawyer just to make sure.
  • Design processes, systems, and workflows to adhere to the compliance requirements.
  • Hire a top coder to create the systems and programming necessary to implement the compliance measures on to your site.
  • Work with your experts on a continuous basis to make sure you’re actually legally covered and to do the actions required for GDPR compliance. 

It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming and whilst necessary it will divert your attention to less profitable areas than running your business.

There has to be an easier way! Right?

Introducing The Easiest Path To GDPR Compliance

Our bespoke GDPR compliance system for WordPress users only.

GDPR Fix service is a three-stage approach to tackling GDPR compliance for WordPress website owners. Our GDPR specialists assess your website, then we install the GDPR system to make your website GDPR compliant. Once finished, our GDPR Fix system will provide you with the tools to manage that compliance and automate procedures needed to do so. 

Stage one we run audits on each site to identify which cookies are in use on your site. Our GDPR experts assess what will be needed to comply with GDP regulations. This often includes suggestions on edits to your existing T & C or Privacy Policy pages.

Stage two – we install and configure the GDPR Fix system which takes care of seven Key requirements of GDPR compliance. We create a system to allow website owners to manage their GDPR compliance once we are finished. Mostly on auto-pilot. 

See belowarrow7 

Stage Three You are in control now of possibly the simplest system available anywhere for GDPR compliance management. Your site is compliant but any user-generated requests for data modification similar need to be answered. This system will make that task semi-automatic (you still need to press the “send” button).

Our GDPR Compliance Service – Overview

We no longer offer GDPR as an off the shelf service on this website. We do have extensive experience and knowledge of GDPR for both B2C and B2B businesses.

However, we are happy to advise our clients on how best to transition to GDPR compliance. As well as online and offline (GDPR management) best practices. We also share articles on our blog – see our post “Designing for GDPR

Why No Off-The-Peg GDPR Service?

Sadly we have seen the increase in companies offering off-the-peg solutions for GDPR compliance, to website owners. These solutions are most often poorly considered and leave the website owners with little protection should they be involved in a GDPR dispute.

Why “Sadly”?

  • Looking GDPR compliant and being GDPR compliant is not the same so adjusting your privacy policy and adding a simple “cookie bar” to your website is not sufficient and will not help should your business be investigated. However, these are typically the type of “fixes” being offered for cheap.
  • Simply put you and your business will not become GDPR compliant after a few tweaks have been made to your website. It takes more than that and anyone advising you differently is not doing you any favours.
  • Many business owners are being advised that GDPR rules will only affect the large online companies like Google and Facebook – this is the most worrying myth as any member of the public can submit a complaint to the – even your competitors.

Getting Started with GDPR

GDPR requires some initial setup work & ongoing commitment to the people you serve or have access to your website. That ongoing work can to some extent be automated online. Offline the required documents can be stored as templates to simplify dealing with any Data requests you receive. So before engaging someone to help with your GDPR compliance do some due diligence and  ask a few questions.

Here are just a few of the items you will need to consider:

•Collecting & Managing SARs (Subject Access Requests)
•Managing Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
•Clauses for Staff Agreements Form
•Consent to Data Processing Guide
•Data Retention Policy
•Data Processing Agreement
•Data Protection Policy
•Risk, Issues & Breach Log Creation
•GDPR Report
I hope this helps you and that you can now better understand why there are no quick fixes to make your business GDPR compliant.
We are happy to take a look at any WordPress website and give you an honest appraisal of it’s GDPR compliance and advise you on how you may fix any problems.
Alternatively, contact the Information Commissioners Office (



  1. The GDPR sets a high standard for consent. Consent requires a positive opt-in. GDPR Fix automatically informs your users about cookie use on your site and gets their consent. We also suggest adding a Cookie policy page.
  2. Get consent from any visitor to the site to your Terms & Conditions. The GDPR is clearer that an indication of consent must be unambiguous and involve a clear affirmative action. GDPR Fix will add a consent checkbox to make your T & C page GDPR compliant.
  3. Edit your Privacy Policy or Generate a new one automatically. Then redirect people automatically and get their consent. GDPR Fix adds a means for customers to positively confirm their acceptance of your Privacy Policy. Now and any future should you make changes. We may also suggest edits to your policy for you to consider.
  4. If consumers are no longer customers, or if they withdraw their consent from a company to use their personal data, then they have the right to have their data deleted. GDPR Fix is designed to add a “right to be forgotten form to your site and help you collect requests and reply – on autopilot
  5. Individuals have the right to request access to their personal data and to ask how their data is used by a company after it has been gathered. The company must provide a copy of the personal data, free of charge and in electronic format if requested. GDPR Fix collects Data access requests and automatically informs your DPO (or admin) so that these requests can be easily answered.
  6. If there has been a data breach which compromises an individual’s personal data, the individual has a right to be informed within 72 hours of first having become aware of the breach. GDPR Fix System sends data breach notification to all users as required by law. Data breach notification compliance lets you send global notifications in case of a breach.
  7. The GDPR includes a right for individuals to have inaccurate personal data rectified, or completed if it is incomplete. This right is closely linked to the controller’s obligations under the accuracy principle of the GDPR (Article (5)(1)(d)).
  8. GDPR Fix let’s you accept data rectification requests via a form on your website. 

“You Need GDPR Compliance No Matter How You Use WordPress”

“Make Your Business About Sales & Growth, Not Legal Risks”

The implementation of some good practices will ensure your organisation meets the necessary requirements as well as providing assurance for customers, employees and all other data subjects that their information is being processed lawfully and stored securely.

  • Don’t invite unnecessary fines that run into millions when you gain absolutely nothing by not complying.
  • Don’t attract bad publicity and loss of reputation for not adhering to the rules.
  • Don’t risk prosecution and related costs if there’s ever a reported violation.
  • Don’t risk losing all traffic and business from EU just because you’re not compliant.
  • Run your business and focus on that, not legal worries.

Compliance Safeguards Your Business & Add’s Trust

Most of the GDPR compliance service providers are expen$ive and charge on a recurring (monthly/yearly) basis. We know as we’ve been there and tested a number of these companies. Our aim is to create a more affordable solution that is also a single payment, so you know exactly what the costs are and don’t need to worry at the end of each month. This service is for WordPress self-hosted websites only.

GDPR affects all parts of your business practices and we give you the tools to manage your website’s compliance. You will still need to consider off-line aspects of GDPR compliance that are already part of your business and only need tweaking.

“Here’s a recap of everything you’re getting”

Check1Blue GDPR Compliance audit of your site by our specialists
Check1Blue Cookie consent management and Cookie bar
Check1Blue Terms & Conditions policy and affirmative consent button
Check1Blue Privacy Policy add-ons and affirmative consent button
Check1Blue Right to be forgotten request automated form installed
Check1Blue Data access request automated form installed
Check1Blue Data rectification request automated form installed
Check1Blue Data breach notification – automated system 
Check1Blue Cookie Policy Page – Lists cookies you use and why.
Check1Blue Refuse website access to EU visitors (optional)

Support Guarantee
Bad support can destroy your investment and happiness. When you buy from Mac Productions you get the guarantee of good quality support.


When you open a ticket with us, you’ll get a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will this work with any WordPress site?

A. Yes, just about any. Even if you have customized the script or you have a custom version of WordPress. 

Q. Do I have to be technical to use this?

A. No, it’s made to be simple. We’ve done a deep study of the policy and requirements so you don’t have to.

Q. Will it be improved?

A. Yes, like any policy GDPR will evolve.  We will keep enhancing this system as required and you will get the upgrades.

Q. Will it work with future versions of WordPress?

A. Yes, like we said, we will keep enhancing it as situation changes and you will get free upgrades for one year.

star valueImportant: We are not lawyers and so “The GDPR Fix” may not meet all GDPR requirements of your business. Please make sure you get an independent review done by a legal expert to see if any other requirements will be needed for your business. In the meantime, this system will have solved the 7 most common GDPR problems website owners have at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, you will be able to demonstrate that you have “in good faith” applied GDPR policies on your website. Want to learn more about GDPR compliance or how to implement that on your website then see our blog post Designing for GDPR Consent