Page One Report

Getting your website on Google’s page 1 is becoming harder and

harder. Google continually change their measures and SEO “gurus”

change their strategies to follow.

  • Too little optimisation and you are condemned to the depths of the rankings
  • Too much optimisation and you never rank
  • Too few back links and you are penalised
  • The wrong back links and you are penalised

And the list goes on and the changes continue……….

Trying to keep up with Google is like chasing a fish. You may grab it

occasionally but you just can’t keep hold of it.

You are only ever one algorithm change from dropping out of the search rankings.

I run a blog network of over 700 blogs. I have seen Google’s algorithm changes hit many sites badly, I have seen many sites that have survived and I have seen many sites that have positively prospered.

So what did all these successful sites have in common – PROBABLY NOT A LOT. (You weren’t expecting that answer were you?)

Google focuses on many different aspects of websites to assess their quality and position in the search rankings and that focus changes all the time.

The only solid common factor that defines a successful website

is that it sits ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE.

If a website is on Google’s first page then it is there because it is doing all the things that Google wants it to do (and more importantly – NONE OF THE THINGS that got other sites penalised or bounced out of the search results)

Its obvious really. More than obvious.

Its the only way to know for sure what will rank your site

Our SEO Page One SEO Report allows you to use this one undeniable

fact and Reverse Engineer to discover

exactly what Google wants

Google may change what it wants, what it does and how it ranks websites but those coveted Google TOP TEN will always define exactly what is needed.

Page One SEO Report

This is what our Page One SEO Report does.         

Checkmark3            Creates Higher Rankings         

Checkmark3          Creates More Visitors         

Checkmark3          Creates More Revenue        

Checkmark3          Gives You More Exposure         

Checkmark3          Creates Long Term Site protection         

Checkmark3               Protects your investment and income

Page One SEO Report is an in-depth SEO report that breaks down every single top ten Google result for any search. We pull data about sites from all over the web. We analyze your website and compare it with the top ten results. By checking many different factors and comparing them we can tell you what you need to do, on your website, to make it rank on Page 1.

Page One SEO Report checks between 37 and 100 different ranking measures (depending on keyword); on every top ten site and compares them to the same measures on your site. 

Measures include

  • On-page factors like keyword analysis, structure and readability.
  • Off page factors like number and quality of back links both to your page and the whole domain.
  • Social factors like Facebook, Digg, Google+1, Stumbleupon and more.
  • Just about everything there is to measure on a web site.

Page One SEO Report has two different analysis of each ranking factor and shows these in an easy to understand traffic light view. It also contains written instructions on what you need to do right so you may start immediately.

 Page one SEO report example

Example Report Page. Each page includes textual advice 

You can see from this example that the first placed result has substantially more social network activity than it’s competitors. 

This is probably one key factor in achieving a number one spot.

No Matter What Web Sites You Own. If You Want Search Engine

Traffic Then The Page One Report Is A Must Have

You need not worry about Zebra, Panda, Penguin or any other future animal that Google may dream up. The plain fact is that Google’s top 10 sites will always tell you what Google likes.

It’s the one thing Google can never hide.

Some SEO experts (and SEO tools or plugins) will tell you that 1% keyword density is best or that High PR back links are best or that your keyword must be in the title and any number of other “facts”. While these may be generally correct they are not always true for every site in every situation and cannot always be right as the search algorithms change.

By analysing the Google top 10 sites, you will always get the correct and up to date SEO information that will help you to decide what is best for your web site.

The Page One SEO Report should be the foundation for any website owner’s SEO and Social Media strategy

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