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Let’s be honest not every business needs SEO, Video Marketing or even more Traffic to their website, sometimes they just need better conversions from their existing traffic. Mac productions is here to help local businesses to increase sales and profits and we do that by listening to You and then formulating the best and most cost effective solution to help you succeed. 

Many people come to this page to see how our services can benefit their business. We wouldn’t have it any other way. So below are some reasons, however as each business has very individual needs we can’t guarantee that what is shown here will help everyone. So if you don’t see a solution, please remember we are primarily Online marketers and if broadly speaking that is what you want some help with, then just contact us.

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SEO – What are the Benefits

If you have a website you need visitors to come.

Recent data from Internet World Stats reveals that there are over 1.1 billion Web users conducting over 210 billion searches per day. All successful websites (except Wikipedia) use SEO to improve their rankings and ultimately their sales and profits.

SEO is such a powerful weapon when it comes to traffic generation. If done in the right way, it can turn your site from a lousy lonely island into an Emirates Palace.

Once you’re ranked, you will get free traffic for life. That is, tons of targeted buyer traffic that would cost you thousands of $$$ if you wanted to get it via PPC.

No, it’s not hands free. Yes, it does involve work, but it is totally worth it.


What Your Business Needs To Know About SEO

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What Your Business Needs to Know about SEO

 Social Media – Are You Serious?

Yes actually we are serious about Social Media and so it seems are Google, who recently announced updates to their ranking algorithm (see our post here with stats).

However quite apart from huge SEO advantages gained by integrating social media there are also many ways to increase traffic to your website using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In effect you can reduce your exposure to having just one main supplier of traffic (Google) by diversifying where your prospective customers come from and so future proof your online income.

To quote Tina Williams (of Bold Angels fame) social media is about “Building a community around your business and letting that community build your business” 


Twitter Marketing For Business Owners

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Twitter Marketing for Business - report


 Online Reputation Marketing and Management

 It is well known that most people are more likely to purchase from businesses the “Know Like and Trust” (another Tina Williams maxim)

 Thanks to the Internet, people are spending more and more time online telling the world exactly how they feel about businesses… both the good and the BAD.

One bad review or comment about a company can negatively impact their ability to get repeat customers as well as new customers. Even more important is the fact that these reviews can spread virally and become very expensive if not tackled quickly.

70% of Consumers Trust Other Consumer Opinions that are Posted Online

 There is an upside to this and that is any business’s ability to leverage their good reputation to market themselves and their products and thus increase sales.

 Reputation Management and Marketing helps any business to protect their online investments as well as to grow sales, but only if you have a reputation marketing and monitoring strategy in place – Do You?

 Mobile Marketing –  Why?

How often do you go out in public without seeing people glued to their mobile devices? It seems like everywhere we look, people are talking, texting, playing games, or browsing the internet on their mobile device.

 Mobile Marketing helps businesses get their products, services and messages in front of all of the mobile device addicts in an interactive way.

 Mobile Marketing provides a cost-effective opportunity for any business to leverage the huge increase of mobile phone usage.

 The basic idea behind Marketing is to go where your audience hangs out and give that audience some kind of message (promotional or not).

Since so many people are using mobile devices, it’s a good bet that a large part of your prospective customers using mobile devices in one form or another.

As Mobile Marketing experts we help to get your message message in front of that part of your audience. You will also see exactly what we mean when we say Mobile Marketing is a very cost-effective approach to Marketing. 

 Video Marketing

 Video Marketing is one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies because it engages the viewer in multiple dimensions. Generally the viewer can hear your voice, see your body language and ultimately trust you more rapidly than they would via text based marketing.

Effective video marketing is a short cut to success with search engine optimization. Even the top SEO will admit that SEO can at times be a slow process.

Video on the other hand can provide ‘instant gratification’. I have created many well optimized videos that have rocketed to the number one position in Google in as little as 24 hours. This is achievable because the amount of competition in video marketing is significantly less than text based marketing.

 WARNING – DO NOT leave video marketing out of your internet marketing strategy. YouTube is now classified as the world’s second largest search engine. It achieved this accolade because it now has more daily searches than either Yahoo or Bing. Considering submitting videos to YouTube is FREE, ignoring video marketing is akin to Google offering you unlimited FREE Google Adwords and you say ‘No Thanks’

 In the meantime your competitors are ‘ruling the roost’ and cashing in on some serious profits using the high conversion power of video.

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