Private Coaching

Hey John here,

To start with, I am not a dedicated professional coach and I do not aim to make a living off coaching. So your not going to see a snazzy sales pages and me trying to sell you on coaching, nor will I try to sell you on coaching if you email me.

Either your interested or your not ūüôā

With that being said, due to a overwhelming demand, I am re-opening  spots for my Private coaching.

The price is £119 per hour

Yes.. I realize that is pricey, and I do want to help everyone. That is why I post so much of my knowledge on my blog for free.

The reason for the price is because I have

A) Very little time for myself

B) My time is very valuable to me (and my business)

C) If you apply the info I give you, you will make the money back..period


What You Get With Coaching

I will sit down and teach you exactly what you want to learn for an hour (or until you have been fully taught..If we have to go over a hour a bit, I am fine with that)

I offer coaching on SEO, Reputation Marketing & Management and WordPress for Business.

I offer no ‚Äúmake money guarantee‚ÄĚ. ¬†The info I teach has gotten many of my students profitable online weeks after coaching, so it works (if you apply it) . I will be showing you how I easily make money quickly from SEO and how to repeat the process over and over. Pretty simple =P

You will also get

-A recording of the session

-A .Pdf documenting what we covered


There is no money back guarantee on a whim. If the session is completely off, and you are totally unsatisfied then of course I will refund you. But, refunds are totally up to me. If you think I might rip you off, then I am probably not the coach for you.


Advanced Sessions Only

These Private coaching sessions are for advanced users only as I will be sharing EVERYTHING beginners need to start right here for FREE. I do not feel comfortable taking £140 for something you can easily learn for free on the Mac Productions website.

If you do not know what

-A backlink is or how to make one

-basic keyword research

-how to make a website


Please ask me about a beginners course and save your money so you can spend it on advanced coaching later! I want you to succeed, not waste your money


Business Team Consulting

If you wish to have me coach you and your business team (or more than 2 people) the rate is £300 an hour. Yes that is pricey, but I am not going to train your entire staff to do something that will make you thousands for a one time coaching fee.


That is it, plain and dry

I realize I have been totally blunt on this page, but I just want everyone to know exactly what they are getting and how it will be done if you hire me as a coach. My coaching has worked for people over and over again, but it is not how I make my living. Hence the total lack of sales pitches.

I promise I will be much nicer and give you 150% if you come on board. I consider my students personal friends, and will go to stupid lengths to make sure you succeed.

Also I only do 8 coaching sessions a month max, so if I am full up, then I am full up!

For All Coaching Request Please fill in the contact form below

Please Include

Your Name, Experience In Internet Marketing, and What You Would Like To Gain From The Session in the message area

If I do not feel that coaching is a good idea for you at this time, I will tell you