Increase Sales With Online Reputation Marketing and Management

Online Reputation Marketing and Management

Why ORM Is Vital For Any Business

A Business’s online reputation is everything. ORM is however not ONLY about defence which actually is usually the last resort, once a reputation is called into question by another person.

Online Reputation Marketing

Most of us go online to find the “most reputable” company to do business with when we want to make any purchase. Actually these days 3 out of 4 people trust online reviews as much as an opinion from a friend. 

There are 4 types of Reputation – Bad, No Reputation, Good and then there is the 5 Star Reputation – I am sure you know which one will get the most sales! DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION SCORE IS?

Building a 5 star rating and then leveraging that online will greatly help convert traffic to your site into sales.

Online Reputation Monitoring

The first step is always to find out just what your online reputation score is and if there are any “bad” reviews. We also recommend setting up a reputation monitoring system to track when any mentions are made of your business, staff or products online. This because bad reviews should be tackled as soon as possible after the event to minimise any damaging fall out, whilst good reviews can be leveraged in a number of ways to the benefit of your company.

Mac Productions provides Online Reputation Management and Marketing services as well as monitoring plans for online and offline businesses. 

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