Different Link Types Explained

We’ve been making quiet a few changes to our packages lately to make it as safe as possible for Google updates, here a detailed explanation of the links that we build:

 Links We Like

Strong PR4 Bookmark Link

We purchased expired PR4 domains and checked the backlinks carefully to come up with insane strong domains. After that we purchased a legit looking social WP theme to make our site look like a legit bookmarking site with vote buttons and all. This way we can post any type of niche at the same site without making it look spammy in any way. As you know all the sites from BMR, ALN, HPRS lacked this and thus were very easy to identify as pure spam by Google. By taking this approach we avoid that and our site would pass a manual review easily. We have a large amount of these sites so each client’s link will be featured on the homepage for a minimum of 4-6 weeks that will pass on tons of link juice, even when the bookmark moves to the 2nd page it will still be a strong link. The sites are hosted on shared hosting (not SEO hosting). 

Guest posts

We’ve setup 100+ websites in 25 different broad niches. That way your guest post (article) will end up on a site surrounded by relevant content that makes the site look legit, all sites have a theme that relates to the niche and all posts are written in a solid way. Cause we cover a lot of niches each site will only receive about 2-3 posts a month, so your guest post will remain visible at the homepage for a few months and thus the juice keeps on flowing. Again these sites are hosted on shared hosting plans with diverse hosting companies to avoid any type of flag or footprint. 

Powerful PR3 Link at our Private Review sites

Instead of creating a site like a bookmark site there are more approaches to make a site appear natural and thus our sites are setup as shopping review sites and for the more informational niches we set up the sites as “How to” sites, again to keep the site appearing natural for manual reviewers in case that might even be an issue. We will write a short 100-150 word review about your product or a short how-to guide in case of informational niches. Again these sites are hosted on separate shared hosting plans to ensure a 100% IP diversity in the links that we build. 

Customized Manually Made Web2.0’s

We build these web2.0 properties by hand, that way we can use custom names for the web2.0’s and chose a different theme, none of the available software’s are able to do that so that’s why we chose to build them manually. As a unique piece of content for each web2.0 would get quite expensive we decided to use the “guest post article” for the web2.0’s. An alternative would be spin content but I have a feeling Google would catch on to that now or in the future. To make it even more legit we link at the bottom from the web2.0 back to the page where the guest post is hosted, this way the content turns into syndicated content which is a 100% legit way of building links. 

Doc / PDF sharing

Here we take the same approach as with the web2.0’s, we convert the guest post to a pdf and upload it to these sharing sites with at the bottom a link back to the guest post to make the content syndicated. This way we prevent the use of spin content and make it all look legit. The extra benefit of this is that the page where your guest post is hosted will only get stronger cause it now has links pointed at it from web2.0 and pdf sharing sites.

Press Release Distributed to 25 free Press Release Sites

We have one of our better writers write a press release that we submit to 25 free press release sites, these do need to get approved so we don’t supply direct live links, you can Google for them in a later phase though to see that the work has been done, approval never takes longer then 1-2 weeks. Cause of the quality of the content and following the guidelines of how a proper press release should look we achieve high approval rates. 

15 Links at our Aged Social Accounts

There is not much to explain about this really, we post your link at our Facebook page, Myspace account, Twitter and so on, we use Ping.FM to submit it to those sites, we use your url as anchor txt for these links.  

100 High Authority Links

Also known as our “secret sauce” in our other thread, we won’t reveal the source of these links as it would get highly abused by other Internet marketers and link sellers. These are links that end up at high authority pages, as we can’t vary up your anchor txt here we will use your domain name or plain url as anchor. Just the one that we think is most appropriate for you. When you have a very long/keyword stuffed domain name then we prefer to use your URL as anchor to keep it more natural. 

Local listings / Citations

These are sites like Yelp, Superpages, MerchantCircle, Hotfrog, ShowMeLocal and so on. This gives an extra natural appearance to your back link profile.  

20 Posts at Existing Niche related Web2.0’s

We’ve setup a network of 2000 web2.0 sites divided into 100 narrow niches, for the content we will write one unique article and upload it to these 20 sites without spinning it. Over time these web2.0s will grow into large assets and will give of a lot of authority, cause of the 100 different niches the surrounding content will be even more relevant then ever. At the back end we will boost these web2.0 properties with high PR links from a separate set of high PR domains that we bought for this. Those back-end (tier2) high PR domains are hosted on A-class SEO hosting cause of the large amount of sites it’s not doable to keep putting them at shared hosting plans. This shouldn’t be a problem because they are not directly linking to your money site, if however any of these links are accidentally detected by Google then we can replace them just as easily.

High PR Web Directories

These are directories with a pagerank of at least 4. We don’t own these sites. We will submit your site manually to 60+ of these directories to end up with about 30 live links after some time. The approval takes quiet a bit of time, 1-6 weeks is not unusual for these type of links.


Your website is an investment in your future

so join us now for safe & fast rankings.

We care about your site! 

Here some tips about links that you need to AVOID 

 100+ Wiki links (often labeled as authority links) but pure spam, the only site with authority is Wikipedia itself and you will never be able to get 100’s of links from them

 100+ PR4 links, most of the time these are links at forums where the root domain is PR4 while the page where your profile link ends up on is PR n/a. You can’t buy 100 of PR4 links for a small price, plain impossible

 100+ high PR links, when you read that it’s 99 out of 100 times talking about blog comments, comment links are seen by Google as the worst spam, those links can work but only when placed very carefully and in small portions, once you start doing these in large amounts it gets very spammy

 Social Network links, once you read that you can be sure it’s about an SenukeX campaign that gives you automated web2.0 links with poor spun content, if you want such links then you would be better off at Fiverr where you can buy such campaigns for $5,- (even in a tiered way). I would not recommend it though as they use a majority of low quality web2.0 sites that get spammed hugely on a daily basis, and Google detects them quickly and easily. 

Article Submissions, some people miss these in our packages and there is a good reason for that. The most of Article Directories are DEAD and have been useless for a long time, there are only a few article directories that are worth it and those are Ezines and GoArticles, although for ranking/SEO benefit any links from these directories are of questionable value. Caveat – If you write a high quality piece of content then and website publishers pick it up and host it on their sites, you can often get an increase of traffic as a result.

100’s of Bookmark links, honestly there are only a dozen or so solid bookmark sites so never engage with a blast of 100’s of bookmarks directly pointed at your site, it has zero value. The only reason why people use bookmarks is to get other links indexed so if you want to use them then do so for tier 2 links or only use the few quality bookmark sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon and a few others. You won’t get much ranking benefit from them but it’s a good way to get new websites indexed although with our packages it’s really not needed as our other links already take care of that.


 I hope you found this information useful and that it helps you to make an educated choice when purchasing Mac Productions link packages for your website! If you have any questions feel free to ask – you can always send me a message using the contact form on this website – ALL emails are passed to me NO gatekeepers!