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Research and Development at Mac Productions

Part of what we do at Mac Productions is research to find the most effective tools to promote and protect websites, Social Media tools to automate and promote your SEO and Social media strategies. Last year we tested over $10,000 of software and plugins for our clients. As developers of many WordPress plugins and software we are able to constantly stay abreast with whats working and whats not in the changing Internet landscape.

Marketing Product Recommendations

However we realised that most business owners need to run their business so in the spirit of sharing our knowledge and experience we will list recommendations of products and services below. We only recommend products we are using ourselves or have used and tested. If one interests you then just click that product to see the full details.

Our Free Marketing Products

We also have some products and reports that we own. Nothing beats taking ACTION so lets get started.

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Get any or all 3 of our latest books for business owners to help you with your online marketing. For your safety and ours we ask that you submit your name and email and then just click on the confirmation link in the email we send when you submit your details. This prevents spam (for us) and also stops others submitting your email (your safety) and causing you to get unwanted email in return.

**I would like to take this opportunity to thank Trish Gilliam and Tina Williams of Bold Angels Enterprises for their great research that lead to the compilation of “Social Search Exposed”.

Yeah I know it can be difficult equating Facebook with your business so in case you want to read a little more about that book go here – You can always get the book on that page also.

Facebook Fan Pages for Business free report
SEO Basics for small business owners