Do Local Businesses Still Need a Website in 2020?

With all the tools and resources Google is providing business owners to help them appear in the search engine results pages it might seem that a website will not be needed in 2019. Whilst this is tempting to believe especially in view of the time and cost required for online work nothing could be further […]

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Google Tag Manager NoScript Code – Do You Need It?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) requires users to use two snippets of code, the first(script) in the header and the second(NoScript) in the body section of the page. This can be problematic especially for platforms like WordPress. So if like me you like using WordPress and don’t want to keep adding plugins that negatively impact page […]

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Designing For GDPR Consent

GDPR is important to all businesses wishing to trade in Europe, even if these businesses are not actually based in Europe. Big or small GDPR does not look at your business but is at heart concerned with the privacy of information your business collects from visitors and customers.

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I Needed Color – Jim Carrey

(six-minute short film). This is a wonderful portrait of a polymath and creative genius. It reminded me that I really, really want to get Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) on the podcast some day. Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo. For additional information regarding Jim’s art please visit: For all other inquiries email […]

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Answers to Why Your Business Should Invest in SEO

SEO- Answers to Why Your Business Should Invest At Mac Productions we have been asked this question by many of our clients (before working with us) and so I admit that writing this post is in part a way for me to help explain a question that has so many answers. That said there is […]

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Team-Building- Build the best team

Team-Building |10 Ways to Build the Best Team

Before you can truly start to grow, you’ll need to build your team. You should build your team as soon as you can afford to. If you never hire anybody, you’ll end up doing all the work yourself. However, if you’re doing all the work yourself, you are in effect just building a job for yourself rather than building a […]

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Pinterest – 9 Tips – How to Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

Pinterest For Businesses Many people have discounted Pinterest for far too long as just a fun site for pinning pictures, however during the last few years many savvy brands have been using Pinterest very successfully as “virtual storefronts”. Here is what Wikipedia have written about these “Business pages” Pinterest Business pages Pinterest also allows businesses […]

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How Much is the McDonalds Brand Really Worth?

In most areas of marketing lessons can be learnt from McDonalds and especially it’s branding. Undoubtedly the worlds largest and most valuable fast food brand, with revenues of over £28 billion in 2013. But what don’t you know about the brand with the big yellow arches?

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SEM - Search engine marketing

Search Engine Ranking Factors

2013 SEO Ranking Factor Results Moz’s 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors presents survey data from over 100 search engine professionals and provides insight into the inner workings of the future of search. The following data represents the opinions of the respondents on the various weighting of factors thought to be used (or not used) in […]

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WordPress Hack Attack & How to Protect Your Site

Hackers Attacking WordPress Blogs One might be forgiven for assuming this is a belated April Fools joke but in reality for those who’s websites were hacked it is far from funny. The world’s IT press are publishing the news that there is a massive attack of botnets happening against WordPress sites right now. The BBC, Zdnet […]

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