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***Discontinued SEO Equalizer Software****

SEO Equalizer Discount No Longer Available


I’ve been getting tons of requests from clients and friends who say “Mac I love your affiliate methods, I love what you do, but honestly I don’t have the money to get started with paid traffic for affiliate marketing.

Well guess what, I totally understand that, I’ve been there, done that, when I first got started I had one option and one option only – that was SEO or I would starve. So I got really good at SEO and finding tools that would automate things for me. Now with that being said one of the best tools out there for automation is a program called SEO Equalizer. But it has a problem, first of all it is a bit like a stealth fighter and really is the best tool out there, but like I said it has a problem.

It sells every single day on Clickbank for $97 ($116 in UK) – see screenshot below.

I understand that if you’re getting started $97 is a hit to the wallet – totally understand that. So I talked to Jeff and to be honest I still don’t know how, I got him to reduce it down to almost next to nothing for all my readers. To find out more about this fantastic tool most affiliate gurus have been using I have a page dedicated to it here on this blog, it includes a couple of videos and also some words from Jeff Alderson the creator of SEO Equalizer, so go there now, trust me it will be worth it.

SEO Equalizer Discount

Get more info and see videos HERE or just hit the “Buy Now” button below, either way you won’t be disappointed at this once in a lifetime opportunity to buy a truly amazing SEO tool. Hey seriously don’t take my word for it, see what people like Howie Schwartz, Armand Morin and Dr. Joe Vitale are saying about this tool (without any discount) at:


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SEO Equalizer Discount


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