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New Website SEO Briefs

Lay the foundations for SEO success from day 1 – Optimise your site before launching it.

Getting a new website for your business is an important step, no matter if it’s your very first site or a redesign of your existing website. Website creation often requires a large investment, both in time and money. So it’s vital that you’re getting as much for your money as possible.

One of the primary benefits of a business website is the ability for potential customers to find your products or services when they search Google (or Bing) for a solution to their problem. 

In order for your website to be well placed in search engine results for more than just your name, you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Google’s algorithm (for ranking websites) contains more than 400 items and even web designers don’t know most of these, nor can they be expected to keep up with over 300 changes that Google makes to that algorithm each year. We know because many of our orders for this service come from Web design agencies.

Getting your website’s pages optimised before launching the site will speed up the process of gaining higher rankings in Google. That’s because Google will see an optimised website, not one that is half finished, awaiting SEO.

The only thing you need to do is brief the web designer as most often SEO is not included in their remit. Don’t be fooled by terms like “SEO ready” as these just mean that your site won’t be optimised, just ready for you to start SEO.

Our new website SEO brief is all about planning your new website for SEO success. Read on to find out more or get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

This SEO brief service is relevant to you if you have an internal development team or an existing development agency. If you don’t have a development team yet, take a look at our website design and development services too.

New Website SEO Brief: What’s Included?

Our new website SEO briefs are designed to provide you and your development team with the optimal structure, content requirements and SEO considerations to enable your website to rank well in the search results pages. The brief typically comprises:


We’ll review your existing website, if you have one, to highlight what works well now and what should, therefore, be retained in the future. With your permission, we’ll access your Google Analytics (or other web monitoring platform) and report to you on which pages should be retained and the likely impact of content removal.


When you launch your new website, it’s likely that some of your current pages will be moved, removed or repurposed. We’ll conduct a full crawl of your site and create the 301 redirect file to ensure you don’t end up with 404 errors and lose the SEO value of pages which are removed. More importantly our redirects ensure you won’t lose existing traffic.


Your new website’s navigation structure will have an impact on Google’s perception of the importance of your website’s pages. Those nearer to the root domain (i.e. within one click from the homepage) are considered more important than pages requiring more clicks. We’ll advise on the best positioning of your new website’s pages and content from an SEO perspective, helping to boost your important content up in the search results.


Google ranks pages, not websites. We’ll conduct keyword research to identify what topic each of your pages should be focusing on and therefore which search queries they should be aiming to rank for. This is done through a combination of audience understanding and use of Google’s own keyword research tools. With this knowledge, you have the ability to rank every page on your site on the first page of Google. Giving you the possibility of achieving multiple first-page ranking results and so more traffic.

Are you considering or in the process of launching a new website?

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We work alongside your existing development team, or we can provide development services ourselves, to deliver a website which is founded in SEO best practice and stands the best chance of ranking well. Get in touch today to find out more. Our Online Presence Rated 5 / 5 based on 11 reviews. | Our Reviews

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