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Our Services – Overview

We are primarily an Online Marketing Consultancy and help businesses to increase traffic and sales through a variety of channels. In addition to that we also offer advanced coaching (subject to availability – please see our Private Coaching page). On this page we have listed our main areas of practice with a short description and for simplicity each Header (Orange) is linked to a page containing a full description of that service and more….. Just Click the header to see whichever service you are interested in.

In addition to the core services listed on this page we also have a number of online and mobile marketing skills that are usually contained within these core practices. These include Mobile marketing (including QR codes), SMS marketing, Video SEO and Video Marketing.

What we do not advise or consult on is PPC  – Lets face it with Google offering that service to it’s clients you can get all the help and advice from the experts for FREE

Natural Search | Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. In essence it is a long-term strategy to increase free traffic to your website by positioning your website site at the top of the natural search results for keywords relevant to your business. Research has shown that 80% of Search Engine users will click on the “natural” results.

Our strategies evolve and change in line with the updates Google make to their ranking algorithm and are aimed at getting you more leads and more sales.

SEO Services

  • As no two clients are the same, we analyze the needs, goals and challenges of your business and then recommend only the SEO & Social Media solutions that make sense.
  • Formulate strategies specific to each client and give you the personal attention that you need to ensure your success.
  • We are not limited to a small staff or locked-in to one solution.

We regularly analyze results of any work undertaken to ascertain if you are benefitting from the work done. Your bottom line is an important concern to us.

SEO Link Packages

As an SEO company we regularly work with clients who already have their own SEO strategy and plans and require specific SEO work to be carried out. Here at Mac Productions we offer a range of SEO and Social Media packages to help.

Online Reputation Management & Monitoring

All companies need to know what is being said about them and their brands online. Up-to-date knowledge offers two great benefits. It enables a rapid response to any negative publicity that will help minimize any problem. It also allows businesses to capitalise on any rapidly spreading positive comments.

We offer a range of services for reputation management, including:

•   A passive reputation monitoring service that will alert you to any breaking news or negative stories about your company or brand

•   An active reputation management service that will help you get your side of the story published and distributed.

Ethical Reputation Management

We will not engage in attempts to hide behaviour we believe to be illegal or unethical. We reserve the right to refuse any reputation management work we feel crosses the line from telling your own side of the story to covering up such behaviour. Read More

Social Media Marketing

Although often seen as separate from SEO, Social Media Marketing helps to market your products/brand name through alternative channels. Google’s changes to their ranking algorithm with regards to “social proof” has in effect integrated Social Media into any SEO planned for a website today.

Essentially we look for strategies to enable your Web site to benefit from both these aspects of Social media. All our strategies are dependant on the amount of involvement you wish to take on. We can help to set up a completely new strategy or improve an existing one.

Social Media Marketing is akin to “The Cherry on the Cake” and a must for any business with an online presence in today’s times.

Social Media Optimisation

Often overlooked this can essentially be just as important to any company’s online success. Consider this:

  • Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are used as search engines.
  • Facebook gets more traffic than Google. Facebook is now the biggest source of online traffic on the planet.
  • In USA over 54% of internet users are on Facebook
  • Over 80% of businesses today use Social Media to market their products.
  • YouTube is now the second largest Search Engine and owned by Google.
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Contact us (without obligation) for help with SEO and/or Social Media strategies to Benefit your business.

 Mobile Marketing

Dynamic QR Codes *New* 

Tap Into Dynamic QR Code Technology

Make all your print advertising recyclable!

QR Codes are the wave of the future since more people use mobile devices than laptops and desktop computers combined.

Now you can create a QR code – print it – and make it CHANGE its behavior daily… depending on how you want to set it up with our service!

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Private Coaching 



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