Facebook Fan Page Tips | Add a Drop Shadow to your Profile Picture in 3 Minutes

Enhance your Facebook Fan Page in under 3 minutes.

This is a really easy way to add a drop shadow even if you have absolutely no image editing skills whatsoever. You might wonder why you would want to do so? In my opinion it will help give the picture and your Facebook Fan Page a 3-dimensional look and thus also distinguish it from the rest of the 2 dimensional, boxes of info on the page.

Obviously if you are drop dead gorgeous then you may not need this added device. However I have found this to be very useful when creating a Facebook Business Fan Page, where often the profile picture is used for branding purposes and displays relevant company information and a logo.
I recently added a drop shadow to one of my Business Fan Pages and you can see how it looks (Sorry I’ve removed that drop shadow now). –You will be able to compare the image on the left (drop shadow) with the one on the right (no drop shadow).

So I have made a short video showing you step by step how to do this. I used an online site which is referenced below for your convenience should you wish to try this.

Ok so here (in case you missed it is a link to that site http://www.dropshadowz.net

Stay tuned for my next Facebook Fan page optimisation tip, coming soon.

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