WordPress Hack Attack & How to Protect Your Site

Hackers Attacking WordPress Blogs

One might be forgiven for assuming this is a belated April Fools joke but in reality for those who’s websites were hacked it is far from funny.

The world’s IT press are publishing the news that there is a massive attack of botnets happening against WordPress sites right now.
The BBC, Zdnet and all the tech press are reporting that something in the region of 90,000 bots are targetting the admin account under a massive bruteforce attack.
Some people are saying just install one of the free plugins.  Its not enough – you need to be comprehensive with your security.
Here is what Mashable had to say on this:

Why a Second Back Up is Worth Considering

While it pains me to admit that this blog (http://macproductions.com) was lost together with all the articles when our hosting company’s servers malfunctioned, it is even more embarrassing that I had no up to date back up of the blog. I was not unduly worried as my hosting company makes regular (2 hourly) back ups of all our websites.

It was therefore very disconcerting when the hosting company informed me that they were unable to find the MySql databases associated with our blogs. We had in effect just lost over 400 posts covering too many different topics to mention.

So it is that I write this as my first post of our new blog and take the opportunity to recommend the making of a back up of any website you may own.

As the saying goes “if you want it done right, then do it yourself”

**** Update to this post*******

I reinstalled WordPress and set up my blogs (2) again in a few days. Then 1 day later I noticed that the email on one blog was not working as I could not send or receive email. Furthermore I was getting the dreaded “554 5.7.1” error message on the returned emails. However after many hours of consulting with the customer support geeks at the hosting company regarding the email problem I was able to solve the email problem…….. My site was down again. We had all been looking too closely at email problems to look at the broader picture – No site No Email. The upside of this however is that I had made a backup on comleting the restoration of the site and so was able to save a days work on this 2nd restoration. 🙂

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